Education for all


Nepal is a country where 42 percent of the population is under 18 years of age, making investments in children and adolescents is especially important in shaping national development.

Our country Nepal ranks 157 out of 187 countries in Human Development Index 2011. Out of 10 children enrolled in grade one only 7 can make it up to grade five. More than half of the children  drop out in middle school even  before they reach to lower secondary level.  In Kathmandu approximately 620,000 children aged 5-17 are engaged in risky work while some 13,000 girls are being sexually exploited. They are bound to drop the school and work in this condition because of poor economic condition of family. In many society girls are married earlier and in some family, food does matter before the education which is leading most drop outs in school.

Present index shows that overall condition of poverty has been decreasing but still two thirds of the children are deprived of at least one of seven basic needs.

“Juneli Nepal ” being concerned in this problem decided to  launch a scholarship program named  “Education for all”. Through this program we are providing scholarship to many economically challenged children with the help of sponsors around the globe. Scholarships include $100 donation per year (this includes their tution fees, text book and uniform). Sponsors  must continue scholarship till the child pass grade 10 and can still assist further if wish to.