Juneli Nepal aims to remain self-sustain in terms of financing its programs for long run. Organization believes constant dependency for fund on donors might not be sustainable idea for organization with long term vision and Goal. Tendency of following blind faith and superstition as culture only inflicted upon women, domestic violence, child marriages and different other social problem are still same in rural villages of Nepal due to lack of proper education, exposure and opportunity so, Juneli Nepal feels compulsion to act strenuously to abolish this social taboos and crimes against women. To ensure this juneli Nepal visualize operating business enterprise and support its program for long term.

Presently, Juneli Nepal has been selling scarf’s, handicrafts in different countries with help of friend and supporters of project and has been running its workshop.
In near future to ensure the suitability of project and generate incomes organization has prioritized on agriculture farming activities and handicraft products. Organization has also planned to open a small scale industry for women in rural villages as well as urban which not only ensure the continuity of project but also create the employment opportunity for rural women.


Educate about menstruation taboo.


Workshop for income generation.


Organize V.I.A. test camps.