Our Dedicated Team
Juneli Nepal is an non profitable organization, founded by dynamic group of young people. We are an enthusiastic, hardworking and energetic group whose main motto is to help the people in need and be part of country’s development.


Dr. Judith Marie Kampe

Dr.Judith Marie Kampe is a Gynecologist from German and dedicated founder of Juneli Nepal.
After the Devastating earthquake in 2015 in Nepal, Dr. Kampe actively worked as a volunteer for helping the people and country rise again. During her volunteering period she noticed the problem regarding menstruation taboo and unhygienic practice followed in rural communities. She was surprised to know about the cultural belief and misconception about female body so on the vary moment she decided to change the conception and work for women in Nepal, which gave birth to project “Juneli Nepal”. After it she immediately collected fund and trained some young Nepalese girls and boys who shares the same enthusiasm and started the project in rural villages of Sindhupalchowk which has been continuing in many villages thereafter. Knowing that she can’t be always in Nepal she decided to hand over the project to some one who share common intrest and energy to work for people in need.

Dr. Kampe went back to Germany on November 2015 and helping run project by selling scarf and collecting Donations. she motivates the young girls and help the team in Nepal in all possible way she can.




Anjila Khadka Timalsina
President/Project Director

Anjila Khadka Timalsina, President of  Juneli Nepal is a student of Management,and also Founder of “Hostel Travellers Hub” .

Juneli Nepal was introduced to Mrs .Timalsina by Dr.Kampe in a cafe. In an causal meeting they got to knew that they share a common interest for helping people in all possible way they can. Mrs.Timalsina is a hardworking and talented person who is running the organization in an absence of Dr.Kampe. she attended all the workshop and classes held by Dr. Kampe with other volunteers and showed her great devotion and enthusiasm for bringing change for women.

Mrs.Timalsina has been managing the project ,running the workshop and generating new ideas for overall upliftment of project and its beneficiaries. She not only did focus on women and their problem but started different programs on women health and child education.



Sange Sherpa
Trainer/ Project manager



Sange sherpa is an young dedicated member of Juneli Nepal from the day one of
its establishment. He is a teacher and Project manager of Juneli Nepal.

Juneli Nepal was introduced to Mr. sange by Dr. Kampe. Mr.sherpa has attended
all the workshop and training together with Mrs.Timalsina.

Mr.sherpa has been actively helping our organization in project management and conduction of project in needed areas of
the country. He usual have a workshop with the boys groups in the school and also conducts workshops for
women groups to eradicate the deep in rooted cultural belief.




Eliza Khadka
Finance Manager

Eliza Khadka is an student of Management and Finance Manager in Juneli Nepal.
She was introduced to her from the social media and friend circle. she was deeply inspired and was
willing to work for the project. Team juneli is happy to share platform
with talented and hardworking youth joining hands for country’s development.

Ms.Khadka went through all the procedure of training and workshop in co-ordination of  organization management team.Ms. Khadka is currently handling the financial department of the Organization and supporting for betterment of the project..





Binu Tiwari
Project Co-ordinator

Binu Tiwari is an student of social work with great vision and
enthusiasm to work.
Juneli Nepal was introduced to Ms.Tiwari by Mrs.Anjila Khadka Timalsina. She has
undergone all the training and workshop necessary for running the project and programs held on Juneli Nepal offfice by Juneli Trainer Team. She is a hardworking and active member of Juneli Nepal.

Ms.Tiwari currently has been teaching and training the volunteer girls willing to join the team of our organization and also monitors the workshop in rural villages of Nepal.



ARojina Dhakal
Trainer/ Volunteer


Rojina Dhakal is an talented, energetic young girl working as an trainer in an organization. She is a student of social work.
Ms. Dhakal currently has been training and conducting awareness classes on different topic of social taboo. she conduct class with young children of different grades in the schools of rural areas. She also has been equally participating in administration of organization.




Abhilasha Khadka


Abhilasha Khadka is very active and enthusiastic young girl
working as an trainer in an organization. She is an student
of social work.
Ms. khadka currently has been working with women groups in the rural villages . She conducts nearness campaign on women health and education in rural villages of country. she teaches student about different topic of health, rights and education. she conduct workshop in making re-usable menstruation pads in women groups and children in the  rural schools of villages.




Sunita Magar



Sunita Magar is an student of social work. She is very active and
dedicated young girl working as an trainer in an organization.

Ms. Magar currently has been teaching student about different topic of health, rights and education. she basically work on data collection and conduct survey on conception of people on Menstruation. she assist other trainers to conduct workshop in making re-usable menstruation pads in women groups and children in rural schools together with other volunteers.